myBDgroup is an outsourced business development service provider based in Australia. We assist and facilitate companies looking to establish operations in Australia or enter the Australian market with their product or service.

Using our knowledge of the Australian market, we work with international businesses promoting foreign direct investment in the lucrative and growing Australian market. myBDgroup also works with domestic companies in Australia, assisting with expansion and growth with our unique approach to business development and business support services.


Business Development


Quality business development is key to successful growth and sales. Here at myBDgroup we make it our job to generate your business relevant leads so that you can focus on what you do best, production and service delivery.

We offer fixed-term business development support when you need it most without having to engage a full-time resource. This means you only pay for the time that you need to develop a strong sales pipeline and secure business for the future.



Work with you to understand your product.


Study areas of potential sales growth


Identify new markets


Identify potential clients


Develop a business development support plan


Trade Shows


myBDgroup can represent your business at trade shows and conferences, which are a great way to network and get to know the key players in the industry.

While the benefits of attending such events are widely accepted, it is likewise acknowledged that there are many associated costs, such as transport, accommodation, freight, reduction in productivity (less staff in the office), disruption to production, etc. These factors deter businesses from participating in trade shows altogether leading to missed business opportunities. We want to help you reclaim these missed opportunities and further your business strategies.


As exhibitors, we ensure we communicate your organisation’s message and engage with the attendees to promote your products.


As delegates, we ensure that we gather information about the latest industry trends and developments and provide a detailed analysis of the key industry players.

Most importantly, we conduct a post conference follow up on all leads to ensure maximum return for your business.


Market Entry

Starting up an operation in a new geographical region is a challenging process which requires you to consider cultural differences and legal obligations. We can help you reap the rewards of expanding into a new market in a strong economy with a growing population. Our commitment to your organisation will fast-track your successful expansion into the Australian market.


Market Entry Services  

  • Develop market entry strategy
  • Establish brand awareness plan
  • Assistance and support with physical business setup and operation
  • Source relevant contractors & suppliers
  • Project manage your operations facility

Site Selection


A major consideration for most businesses is the selection and maintenance of a fit-for-purpose physical space in a suitable location. Your business may suffer if your site selection is ill-considered or left to the last minute. At myBDgroup, we are your boots on the ground when it comes to site selection.


Site Selection Services

  • Shortlist suitable locations based on your requirements and provide a subsequent site evaluation report.
  • Conduct site inspections and make servicescape recommendations.
  • Assist with transitioning to a new workspace location, including providing adequate notification to your existing customers.
  • Assist with opening and establishing another office or branch site for your business.

Market Research

Market research is an essential component of all market entry strategies. High quality market intelligence is imperative in making sound strategic decisions for your business. myBDgroup works with you to devise the most effective market research approach for your business.

 By utilising both quantitative and qualitative research approaches, we will ensure that we apply the most relevant methodology in order to collect the data most valuable to you.Our research will tell you if your product or service is ready for the Australian Market and whether it needs to be modified to be permitted in Australia which in the long run will save you significant amounts of money.


Market Research Services

  • Cold calling
  • Competitor analysis
  • Focus Group facilitation
  • Online survey design and distribution

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